Not fair!

This class is so amazing it's over way too fast. Incredible music and powerhouse moves will blast you through the workout in double-quick time and leave you breathless, drained and hungry for more.

BODYCOMBAT is about fast-flowing action that enables participants to commit totally to the workout and achieve an equal measure of fun and fitness results.

Fighters get into their work with Scooter and The Killers in a two-part warm-up that sets the scene for the action to follow. Then it's time to unleash with the opening combat track and a blockbuster remix of a great classic rock tune. High-intensity is the name of the game in the first training track but if you want energy you ain't seen nothin' yet - a rework of a great song out of Germany will take your work rate to the max as you deliver a new kick and taste a martial art not previously used in BODYCOMBAT?. Billy Idol keeps the interactive split-room action white-hot with one of his amazing gutbusters.

Then fighters go back onto the offensive with blocks and punches timed to a thumping beat from Double Dutch. Muay Thai is back in the house with a Nick Skitz remix and the class hits another musical highlight with a rock legend classic in the abdominals conditioning track.

All in all, BODYCOMBAT 30 is an unmissable fitness experience!