Team spirit comes to the fore in this great new class that instructors will find easy to learn and teach and members will love for its Martial Arts focus and authenticity.

Team teaching will bring out the best of the class where two or more instructors can work together - they can inspire huge group energy when they dress alike and showcase the unique skills that each member of the team has to offer.

A single instructor can also inspire team spirit with appropriate cueing that keeps everyone working together.

BODYCOMBAT 31 starts off to a powerhouse start, so fighters beware! You need to work easy through the Scissors and keep the Decoys low to avoid peaking too soon. Then let the drums in Rock This Party drive the rhythm of the strikes in the Lower Body Warmup.

The first Combat Track is all about firing your best-ever Roundhouse Kick and working with Black Spider's hugely powerful Save Your Life!

Then it's time 2 Dream about the ultimate boxing workout in Power Training 1 - heart and lungs will beg for mercy before you're finished.

Capoeira, Jump Kicks and Evasive Side Kicks are back in the house at Track 4, with Jabs, Uppercuts and Speed Balls to follow when training resumes to the high-intensity Bad Reputation, from OneZeroOne.