"Fighting clever" is the theme for a great new release where members are coached in the different levels of workout intensity and getting the maximum benefit from interval training, BODYCOMBAT style.

Instructors explain the reasons for the dfferent levels and when to take the work rate up a notch for great results. Teachers also help fighters get savvy about working with the music to go hard, recovering, then unleashing again.

Dan and Rach kick things off (literally) with an upper body warm-up that also features legwork; then slow down the pace to exploit the full essence of the capoeira ginga.

Fighters get their first chance to explore their levels with the huge '80s' hit, School's Out; then power training kicks in with a breakout track that shifts the focus to the shoulders.

Track 6 is a chance to rest the arms while we put the legs to work with a taste of karate but don't relax - the intensity levels get another hammering in Track 7 when we get to feel fatigue with a capital F!

A truck-load of body rips brings everyone home in Track 8 with nothing left in the tank.

Then there's just time for some slow-tempo kicks as we wind down the pace and some final, peace-restoring katas to the empowering sound of Phil Colins' In The Air Tonight.