Fiercely energetic. Empowering. Unleashed. The new class comes straight from the essence of BODYCOMBAT so get ready for a huge workout that will leave fighters absolutely shattered. Dan and Rach have pulled out all the stops, with great moves from just about every martial art and an awesome play list packed with red-hot sounds.

The class kick starts with an 'in your face' warm that includes a unique Eastern sound from Panjabi MC in the lower body work. Everybody's Screaming is an awesome selection for driving the first combat track and its major focus on the roundhouse kick. There's heaps of speedballs in the first power training track.

Then it all gets nasty in with the ginga form, the evasive side kicks and a lunging front kick with a stinger in the butt. Fall Out Boy's This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race provides the motivation needed to get the most out of those kicks. Have some fun with Avril Lavigne's latest hit Girlfriend in track 5, then get ready for a big martial arts mix in track 6 - kungfu, kickboxing, karate and capoeira - and a Muay Thai explosion where you just go crazy. Don't try this at home!

Be sure to save some energy for the tricep blaster conditioning track. It's wicked! And then enjoy the big shift in pace to a new, deep-stretch cooldown with Infernal's cruisey Vienna. Aaaaah. Sweet relief!

In the BODYCOMBAT education session instructors learn how to become "propulsive move master" with particular focus on two of the most recent and explosive additions to the program - the Evasive Side Kick and the Jump Knees.