Get ready to release your inner warrior in BODYCOMBAT 34. With 35% more kicks, this class demands everything you've got... and more! The new class has an increased flow and aerobic threshold which bascially means you never stop moving and your fitness levels are pushed through the roof.

The Jump Kick challenge and the Side Kick Butt Blaster are brought back in Track 4. By the time you reach the end of the track you have one smooth, well designed combo giving you the best butt in town.

Track 6 draws its energy from what some may know as 'point fighting' or 'semi-contact'. The Side Kick is driven forward at speed, like you're trying to score a point by tagging your opponent first. To do this, you must think fast, and react with the music. Thinking and acting like a fighter. A feature of this track is the Kick Kata, again blasting that butt.

Get ready for endurance with a capital E in Track 8. this track is simple for one main reason - each move has FOUR sets of repetitions which means you don't have to think. See how hard and fast you can punch, right to the end of the song. High Intensity + Simplicity = Results.

Watch out for the abdominal track - it's the iron man of ab tracks!

Musically there is a good connection and familiarity between the combat and power tracks. New artist Rihanna has been introduced into the mix and there's Bon Jovi's latest single.