Never surrender, never give up and NEVER stop moving in BODYCOMBAT 35! The theme for this release is Kick-Boxing. You'll build strength, kick speed and stamina in your legs, change the shape of your butt and burn heaps of calories. The choreography is intense and this release targets beginners so there is a low complexity - but beware, this is a non-stop release!

Watch out for Track 2, Scooter's The United Vibe. It's the longest ever BODYCOMBAT track combining a strong static Block and Karate Punch with a Travel Roundhouse Knee Sequence which gives participants the feel of two very different Martial Arts disciplines - Karate and Kick-boxing.

There are more than 100 kicks in Track 4 which includes the Roundhouse challenge. This challenges and improves balance and leg strength. Track 7 is HUGE and features new innovation the Clinch - a manipulative move used commonly in Thai fighting to gain control over your opponent. The Foo Fighter's top-selling single, The Pretender, is the perfect song for this Muay Thai Track. It has all the elements a great fighting style should have - speed, aggression and power. Your class will love it!

The music is electric and BODYCOMBAT 35 features SIX Top 40 hits. Fight to a hit from the movie 'Hairspray', rock out to a popular hit from The Hives and be motivated by Good Charlotte.