BODYCOMBAT 36 celebrates the superior fusion of many of the world's finest Martial Arts, blending them seamlessly. Karate, Boxing, Capoeira, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do and Kick-boxing all make an appearance. Fittingly, the theme for this release is MMA - Mixed Martial Arts. It's a workout that has low-complexity choreography and maximum intensity - again designed for the newcomers while still being a challenge for the loyal instructor and participants.

The music has a great global appeal and is in keeping with the Les Mills Tribe theme of the amazing 2008 Global Summit. Ooze the same charm and expression as the man himself in the James Bond Theme, be fierce and driven in Born To Be Wild and celebrate the workout with your tribe in the Cooldown Track, World In Union 95.

Rock out to the old-school sounds of Bad in Track 6. This track is a perfect example of the MMA theme, featuring Boxing, Kick-boxing, Karate and Capoeira. Look forward to a new move in Track 2 - the Hammer Fist to the groin - and watch out for the Conditioning Track. This is one of the hardest abdominal tracks you'll ever do in BODYCOMBAT and is guaranteed to produce rock-hard abs!

BODYCOMBAT 36 will give you a deeper understanding and connection to the world of Martial Arts - challenge yourself to be all you can be!