Get ready for Kick KATAs, leg conditioning and shoulder-smashing Punch combos because BODYCOMBAT 38 - the ultimate heavyweight Boxing release - is gonna take no prisoners!

There's no gentle easing into this class - Track 2 features three separate combos but The Hives? Try It Again will motivate you to 'Get up, get down and try it again'!

The ultimate Kick KATA in Track 4 is a truly butt-blasting challenge - you'll chisel and shape your butt with the Back Kick and those deep Lunges in between really seal the deal!

Track 5, Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing, sees the start of those new shoulder-smashing combos. Don't be fooled by the upbeat Pop music - this track is relentless!

You don't get a chance to catch your breath before powering into Track 6 - another butt and leg-toning track - with the Lunge & Esquiva Combo. Kick-boxing and Capoeira have a strong presence in this track for which The Prodigy provide the motivating sounds required.

Cascada asks 'What hurts the most?' in Track 8 and it's safe to say BODYCOMBAT hurts the most! Just when you think this track is over - pow, you've got another set to go.