Picture yourself fighting one-on-one in the cage - Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) style - and that's BODYCOMBAT 39. You're going to learn the skills you need to hang on until the last round so get ready for some combo-heavy tracks and lots of repetition.

To get a taste of an authentic UFC you're going to need to get warmer faster as ultimate fighters are among some of the fittest athletes in the world. So that's what the Warmup is all about, with a focus on keeping light on your feet.

Get ready for one of the longest combos ever seen in a Power Training Track in Track 3 - can you believe there are 16 Punches in a row? The power for the huge combo comes from the core of your body and motivation from rocking track Come With Me.

Two different types of energy are needed in Track 4. The Knee Combo is fun and light but you've gotta be tough during the Back Fist/Side Combo. Scooter vs. Status Quo's Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) harnesses the energy perfectly.

There are six solid rounds of identical choreography in Track 5 which also features the Power Squat. Pink's in the house in Track 6 and you're gonna want to start a fight during So What. There's no recovery and you're trying to knock your opponent out with every punch!

A new move, the Step Over Cross, features in Track 7. This is awesome as it can be used in both an offensive and a countermove situation. Make sure you hold something back for the last 60 seconds of continuous Knee Strikes!

Your muscular endurance is certainly tested in Track 8 where the challenge is to never step out of the intensity. Track 9 is void of conventional Situps and instead uses the Hover and Side Plank to work all of the core muscles. The apt lyrics of Infernal's I Won't Be Crying help you through this intense track - even though you might feel like crying by this stage!