Lace up your gloves and pop in the mouthguard - it's time to unleash yourself on BODYCOMBAT™ 49.

It's a simple workout you can sink your teeth into, but bring every ounce of energy - you'll need it!

The first couple of tracks use a new style of choreography that warms you up with sets of Kicks, giving you plenty of opportunity to learn the moves and setting you up for a successful class.

A fun Combat track gets the heart racing into the training zone with a series of really simple Kick/Punch combos. There are no tricks here, so just go with it!

And beware, Kick In The Teeth is a pointer to where this class is about to take you.

Footwork is a feature of Track 3. If you don't have the stance, you don't have a chance.

Then, the second Combat track gets a little schizophrenic on you. It draws on two very different pieces of music and mixes up a tough kick combo with a party-style Jump Kick frenzy.

Power Training in Track 5 has one simple goal - to blow out your shoulders! Just relax the Punch, concentrate on quality of movement and we'll do the rest.

Unfaithful guides you through a strong Karate routine, before Muay Thai inflicts a riotous flurry of Knees and Elbows.

If your shoulders aren't done yet, Track 8 will finish them off. It's a long one, so don't empty your tank too soon. Those 128 Jabs will get you in the end!

As the class winds down, the Conditioning phase offers up one last challenge - a circular theme to both Pushups and Crunches. Arrrrgh!

Win, lose or draw, you've fought it out to the end!