BODYJAM 27 Sizzler

Jammers will blow the roof off in this dance-workout. It's packed with new moves and a rich mix of music styles and sounds. Aptly dubbed 'the success release' by the BODYJAM team, the new class is easy to master and will have members flaunting their coolest dancing style.

Struts and turns take the spotlight early in the class, with a new jump-turn adding extra spice. Then it's time to rumba as the workout pace moves up a notch. Great sounds from Justin Timberlake, J-Lo and Ricky Martin keep the party pumping - Ricky's Shake Your Bon Bon is a classic Latin track for mambo samba lovers. Then jammers come back to earth with an Alicia Keys groove down track to wind up the party. Cool and casual. Macho and showtime. Sauciness and attitude.

Choose your style and flaunt it bigtime in the latest version of the greatest dance-based workout on the planet. With releases like this it's no wonder that BODYJAM is taking the fitness world by storm.