BODYJAM 28 Sizzler

Pump and grind, shimmy and shake. This class takes our dance-based workout to a new level thanks to a redhot playlist and easy-to follow moves that will let class members flaunt their coolest dancing style. The BODYJAM choreographers get the class humming with a warmup that previews some of the moves to follow. Then the mood turns primal to the sound of Safri Duo's Bongo Song.

Jammers go straight to hip hop heaven with Nelly's #1 and catch some funky kicks and spins in the great Barry Harris number, I Got My Pride. Hip hop returns with Mis-Teeq's Scandalous and the feel is Latin as Los Locos inspire an energetic pump and grind. Feel the power of Excalibur and then grove on down with style with Mario's C'Mon.

BODYJAM 28 rocks!