BODYJAM 29 Sizzler

Afro-Cuban comes to the fore in a new BODYJAM class that delivers our trademark mix of cultural flavors and a truckload of dance moves to match. BODYJAM 29 overflows with attitude and style through nine great tracks starting with Justin Timberlake Warmup and finishing with a classic Whitney Houston groove down. Jammers will love the easy-to-follow choreography that lets them soak up the sounds while putting 100% into the workout.

Head choreographer Ruth Pirihi warms up the class with Justin's Rock Your Body and moves into funk mode for a great start to the workout proper, courtesy of Funkstar De Luxe. A great Latin track puts the focus squarely on the gluteals, with Samba the dominant genre for Paulina Rubio's Baila Casanova. Sixties hip-hop is the feel for the otherwise ultra-modern Hey Ya! Then Elle Patrice's Rising offers some big dance moves as the instructor joins the class for some closer interaction.

The Afro-Cuban sound of Umboza's Sunshine sets the scene for some exotic action and jammers get down to some simple, hard-out jumping moves to Jason Nevins' Jump Around. Whitney's I Will Always Love You makes for the coolest possible groove down, winding up a class that will keep the Les Mills' dance-based workout top of the pops in clubs from Sydney to Sao Paulo and Amsterdam to Auckland.