BODYJAM 30 Sizzler

Be a Spanish matador, a big-time Broadway star and much more besides, as you enjoy our latest offering of LES MILLS - style music, dance and fitness fun. The new BODYJAM class is an invitation to drop your inhibitions and be just as cool as you can be.

Get into the groove with a warm-up that gives you a taste of all the moves to come; then swing into a great jazz-rap number, Hello, to shake out all the kinks. Come Baby Come is your cue to entice and captivate, while Nelly's Shake Ya Tailfeather has a great club feel.

BODYJAM 30 hits a peak with the Shirley Bassey classic, Big Spender - this track is dripping with performance and style. But save some attitude for the funky Beyonce bounce move in Crazy in Love and the outrageous matador pose in David Bisbel's Buleria.

Instructor education resources accompanying BODYJAM 30 include a session teaching the BODYJAM -Showtime! experience.