BODYJAM 31 Sizzler

Welcome aboard the Les Mills time machine for this retro ride extravanganza. The BODYJAM team have brought back some old-school classics that will have jammers dancing out of their skin.

Some old-style moves add fun to the retro feel - there's a hint here of 1980's jazzercise.

But this is no nostalgia trip. BODYJAM 31 is a cutting edge package that sets a new standard for our dance-based workout.

Join the party with some California Dreamin' - this cruisy number is your chance to check out the tempo and get some attitude.

Then it's time to go grooving as BODYJAM 31 winds through a rich mix of dancing styles and dares jammers to cross "the thin blue line of insanity" in the monumental bring-back: Maniac.

Check out the funky new moves in our great new class and enjoy the ride!