BODYJAM 32 Sizzler

Get some attitude and flaunt it big-time in the dance party workout that makes everyone feel like a star.Our latest class is a super-cool blend of music and moves that will do as much for your social life as it does for your fitness.

This party rocks from the start with a funky Janet Jackson warm-up that sets the scene for the groove to come. This track is great for getting away from the daily grind and preparing yourself to bust it out for an hour.Then jammers set out on a wild journey of hip hop, funk, Latin and jazz.

Don't Stop Moving is a 'top of the pops' call to action to get the heart rate up and Mark Anthony kicks in with the sensual Latin feel of I Need To Know. Everyone is a drama queen in the jazzy Look At Me from ex Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. Then a great BODYJAM? innovation sees class members divided into two teams for a dance "battle" to the old-school funk sound of C & C Music Factory's Keep It Coming.

Jammers go crazy doing the "batucada" move to Junior Jack's E Samba and tear the roof off to N.E.R.D.'s hugely energetic She Wants To Move. Do-able foot combinations and funky arm lines keep the work rate high in this great new BODYJAM class that will rock around the world.