BODYJAM 33 Sizzler

BODYJAM is on the move and so will you be when you teach or join our latest class - a new format delivers a great, "doable" class with a cool, modern feel and a huge double dose of exercise and fun.

Jammers will master the moves in double-quick time and then bust out in a crazy orgy of attitude and style.

A three-track warm-up is a feature of the new-look class, with a great Sophie Monk song getting the party into a finger-clicking groove and Freestylers' Push Up setting up a funky three-stage focus on hips, shoulders and chest. My My My from Armand Van Helden brings the heart rate up to workout speed.

Black Eyed Peas take centre stage as the party rocks into top gear, pounding out "the beat that makes you move", Hey Mama.

Then Nelly, Debby Holiday and Janet kick in with a great mix of MTV-style combinations, challenging dance-cardio moves and old school retro.

Jammers build towards their all-out peak performance as they groove to super-modern sounds from Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake and Destiny's Child.

Brandy's Rock With You cools things down and winds up a cutting-edge class that keeps BODYJAM at the forefront of the hottest dance-music trends.