BODYJAM 36 Sizzler

Wanna shake like a dog Or do a funky chest wobble while beating eggs with your butt Or wave your arms like they aren't even attached to your body?

Of course you do. And this is where you get your chance. BODYJAM 36 is where you wiggle, waddle, slide and jump your way to fitness with the attitude and style of the coolest kid on the block.

Our new class is a dance-workout spectacular that will be the talk of the gym.

Jammers hit their first set with a mix of big, flowing sweeps, capped off with a coupe from classical ballet. Then it's time to get funky, with a bunch of ultra-cool combos to some classic house sounds.

Put it all together for a full-on performance with The Puppies, Klubheads and Lock 'N' Load. Then recover and get ready to start all over with a Snoop Dogg special, Drop It Like It's Hot.

Brand new moves match the ultra-hot sounds from Terror Squad, Rihanna and the Black Eyed Peas as we build our second rehearsal phase, with Bobby Brown, Missy Elliott and the Notorious BIG providing the backing for an all-out performance explosion.

A Frank Sinatra classic adds a nice change of pace to the groove down - a little bit jazzy and a feel-good ending to finish off an awesome class.