BODYJAM 37 Sizzler

Jammers have been screaming for more since our new format hit the clubs and that's just what they get with the new release.

We've included a 23-minute bonus block in addition to the usual 55-minute class. Instructors can use the bonus block as the first or second part of their class.

But be careful out there! The jazz-rock style comes with a huge cardio demand. The core class builds the formula that made BODYJAM top of the pops in switched on clubs around the world.

We've got afro-cardio for jammers to play with in the first dance routine, with a Club Latin set to follow for all the mambo lovers out there. Get your breath back with a sexy-sultry number from Gwen Stefani then rip into it again with some red-hot Jamaican Reggae. Dance-hall beats from Sean Paul set up capoerira combo in the rehearsal phase with the "military riddim" experience of U A PRO. Beyonce's Baby Boy helps you execute the moves and break out like never before with Janet Jackson.