BODYJAM 39 Sizzler

Heaps of choreography, funky new moves and a new style of dance are all packed into our latest dance-party workout.

BODYJAM 39 is set to rock da house!

The new class is also set to contribute to a worthwhile cause. Les Mills has linked the program to the global Dance4Life campaign against HIV/Aids and included a dedicated track from campaign embassador DJ Tiesto in the new release.

Jammers hook into the new class with a disco-based Jamiroquai track, with easy travel patterns to get them in the groove. Check out the wrap and roll before getting into the isolations with The Pussycat Dolls. Next stop is India as BODYJAM goes back to Bollywood for a whole new style of dance. The pace is fast and furious but th emoves are easy to handle as the block builds to a super-cool performance phase. Music from Panjabi MC and Snap adds spice to the distinctive eastern flavour. Shakira and Cheyanne are back in the house for a new Latin block with heaps of choreography and a fast track to the first cardio peak. Then it's time to bring the heart rate down - but not too far - with the super-new sound of Deja Vu from Beyonce. The Dance4Life cardio block starts with a cool arm combo that everyone can get, with a funky turn added on. Then we go to some hot chart toppers with Justin, Rhianna and Fergie to prove again that BODYJAM stays up to the minute with the latest sounds. Tiestos Dance for Life track brings on a huge, bust-out performance finale before we revisit the disco sound in the warm up for the grooviest of groovedowns.