BODYJAM 40 Sizzler

"Stylish, cool and hip" sums up the look and feel of BODYJAM or, as a wise man once said...


Gonna be a party

Front to the back

Everyone get naughty

First up is the cool, club sound of Luther Vandross, doin' a double turn in the warmup and setting the scene for the party to come. Then the Phat Hip Hop sound kicks in as Chingy shows up, oozing gangsta, attitude and bling. Tracks from Chelo and Daddy Yankee are the two contrasting sounds in our Street Latin set (Lil Jon has everyone screaming out Okaaaayyyy!!!)

Then it's time for the all-new Jove Swing choreo block that sets the class on fire. Check out the Jove Kick and the Mooch and Swing along to the Freddy Run, a good old Charlston, and some Swinging Heels for you crazy cats! Glide through the recovery with the phenomenal My Love from JT and prepare to go crazee with Krump Klub - a fusion of hard-out dance music with aggressive Krump stylez. Scissor Sisters wind up the dance party workout with the sweet sound of I Don't Feel Like Dancin'.