BODYJAM 42 Sizzler

Check out the craziest new dance moves to the latest, greatest tunes in BODYJAM 42. Jammers all over the world will love the simplified choreography while still retaining that amazing high that comes with the sensation of dance.

The warm up starts with a super simple Club feel to clear the dance floor and drop into the feel of Jam. The isolation track is the bangin' new Tambourine from Eve and, as always, it's designed to help you dance better later in the class. The song is massive so careful not to BREAKOUT from the start!

Hook into a hypnotic Cha Cha Cha rhythm with classic Latin steps we drill over and over for success. Then J-Lo kicks and your technique tightens to accentuate the Latin furore.

The Heel Lift to Rihanna's Umbrella could possibly be the coolest move we've ever done in BODYJAM - the moves sync with the beat harmoniously. Then we "Throw Away" the arms to the same accent in the music, like you're throwing party dust on the crowd!

Then throw your load round the back for a massive hip swing. Grrove Armada have outdone themselves with Get Down, the most feakin' amazing song of the year! There are two massive BREAKOUT opportunities here. Keep working with the house feel, leaning outside, light on your feet, weight on your toes. Then the Freemasons take us home (again!!) with an amazing breakout club feel to take your class through the essence of BODYJAM.

The BODYJAM education session introduces the "tip button". The button pops up on the DVD screen at inervals during the Masterclass and gives a detailed breakdown of that block of choreography.