BODYJAM 44 Sizzler

Get on the floor with BODYJAM 44! This latest release is the maddest, craziest class yet and features some of the best music to date. From Kanye to Conga, Black Box to Beyonce, BODYJAM 44 will have your class screaming and sweating in syncopated style. This is by far the simplest, easiest to learn, easiest to teach, easiest to feel BODYJAM release ever. But there are still plenty of combos to keep you guessing!

As soon as the Latin furor that is Conga hits you'll turn into a carefully crafted Latin machine, swinging those hips to a taught Mambo. Look out for the Candy Lane - a move named after the well known NZ ballroom dancer. Before long you'll be dancing like a world-class Latin dancer.

THe Hip Hop block with the likes of Chris Brown, Wyclef Jean and Missy Elliot will have your class getting buck wild. You've gotta give flava in your arms during the B-Body Stance and get ready to show some agro attitude in the Kris Kross and the Gun Pop.

The Drunken Beyonce bridge is definitely a highlight. Your heart rate will drop to the smooth soundz of Kanye West before House Dance is elevated to a whole new level, taking footwork and flavas straight outta the club and into your class! Retro House features the House Lean flava'd up into BODYJAM style and will have your class going bonkers!