BODYJAM 46 Sizzler

It's BODYJAM 46 time and you're gonna go crazy, snapping the Latin Furore with Chayanne, phunking it up with the B.E.P., checking out Tribal Hip Hop with T-Pain, and breaking out mental stylez with The Big Phat Aussie House block. It's a total dance experience with simple moves that you can follow and get right first time. And then there's combos where you get the basic rhythm and direction, but then you can build your own style over three or four classes. Because - don't forget - BODYJAM is a dance program, and the more you dance it, the better you get at it - especially when you turn the lights off and the music up to 11! So think about this when you learn this release: your focus, for the first and second time you teach it, is on perfect technique and BASE/FLAVA Must-Do Cues. Then you will start to feel more confident and relaxed with the combos. You'll be able to think about what you're feeling, what your body is doing, how to express it in much more detail and getting your class to feel what you feel. Make sense? Launch your class knowing it's gonna get better and better and crazier and flashier and be just totally awesome, every time, everywhere.

So hit the floor party people, it's BODYJAM 46 the hottest dance class on the planet!