BODYJAM 51 Sizzler

BODYJAM™ 51 is here to drop a funk bomb on the floor in your club! We’ve got hits from T-Pain and The Ting Tings, the best Gloria Estefan track ever and the hottest House anthems of the year!

Track 1, Scared Of Me from Fedde le Grand, is so funky it should be illegal. The first combo comes back strong in the second half of the class, so feel the correct flava from beat one.

T-Pain’s track, Freeze, will take you through the Isolation block. This is about feeling your hips from the beginning, and you can sing along too!

Get your Swag Swag on to The Ting Tings’ Shut Up And Let Me Go – one of the hottest tracks from 2008. So what is Swag? Swag is your flava. The style is purely you, and you know you are all over it! Make it oversized and Swagalicious, baby!

The new Tribal Salsa routine is a cosmic concoction of Latin styles. It’s going to fire up your floor and push your heart rate through the roof. Drop down and pump your torso in the Tribal Chest. Then turn up the heat to Gloria Estefan’s Oye!

Are you ready for the hottest, nastiest Recovery Track ever? Missy Elliott’s anthem One Minute Man is Hip Hop 101. Get yo’ Bounce Bounce on with the Kick Back Step.

Surrender yourself to the rhythm and Leave The World Behind! This standout anthem of 2009 is so phenomenal that we’ve included two versions for a full 11½ minutes! Drift, stretch and sway your way through the sickest sounds ever and take your outlook of BODYJAM™ to new heights.