BODYJAM 53 Sizzler

Welcome to the Church of BODYJAM™! Release 53 could quite well be, the hardest, most intense, most insane workout created by anybody, EVER.

Fedde le Grand sets the class on FIRE (AGAIN! How many Fedde le Grand Warmups does the world need? Apparently one moreā€¦) then Chris Breezy and Lil Weezy will transform the un-isolated into pure isolation-ites.

Our Latin Excursion will get you High-High-HIGH in the ayer. Then welcome to Disco Twenty Ten, the most nostalgic, flashiest, cheesiest BODYJAM™ routine since the Jive from Release 48!

The Freemasons then set us up with British poshness. Beethoven has been reincarnated, mashed up with Soulwax, to make the choicest remix of a 150-year-old track. Then Bob Sinclair will have you humming constantly (you know when you get a song stuck in your head and wake up at 3 in the morning wanting to scream?) DU DUH DAH DA DOOOO DOOOOOOOOOO...

Russian Roulette drops the heart rate with a little Stomp Wave, then are you ready for the Maddest Dopeness Eva?!?

Wait till you hear the Laidback Luke remix of Dizzee Rascal... Shut, the, front, door. And How Soon is Now? Swedish House Mafia pose the strangest question to the sickest beat ever... Clearly it's quite soon!