BODYJAM 54 Sizzler

Fusing contemporary dance with dubstep, classic rock and a little Latin, BODYJAM™ 54 is yet another electrifying dance party that brings a whole heap of magic to the room.

Kicking off with a blazing hot Jump Smokers Remix of Jump, you'll get the bounce in your body, before launching into Make My Heart.

Next up, harness your sophisticated Spanish style to the stomping track Cantina, before pulling out your certified freak to the driving base-riddled sounds of Natural Born Hustler.

As you let your hair down for the contemporary rock block, the technical challenge is in mastering the beautifully long, floating, fluid arm-lines ... and then applying that style to a cover of Shakira's Objection!

Taking things down a notch, it's time to check out your ghetto superstar to Girlfriend, before going crazy to the retro club-infused sounds of Global Deejays. The cardio intensity continues through some uplifting Swedish, and then we put it all in a cocktail shaker and mix up some French-electro-reggae awesomeness!

To finish, there’s serious hip grinding and stretching to the catchy favourite Put It In A Love Song.