BODYJAM 57 Sizzler

When it comes to the ultimate street party, BODYJAM™ 57 has got it all - Caribbean style! Combining an eclectic mix of classic Caribbean sounds and hyped up thunderous electro, this blazing hot release will take you somewhere seriously exotic - where your hips will be swinging and your heart pumping.

Starting with jungle, the powerful indie sounds of Jump Up play as you add in the Jungle Bounce and get the rhythm shaking right through to the end of your fingers. When you hear the horns of La Tromba Risin' and the insane Turn Around Remix, that's when the Afro-Caribbean street party cranks HARD. You'll start with four seriously simple combos, dance them out four times and then chop it down and drive it home - crazy styles…

Imagine your body is sensuously slithering through a sultry super club and the sexy moves of the second block will come almost naturally. Don't Stop The Party signifies that party is about to get out of control and things get electro thrashy with the intense sounds of Vegas. You'll get to pull out some chilled, chest poppin style to Do It Like This before the Street Party Riot hits an all-time extreme and comes to a fiery close with Tomorrow.