BODYJAM 58 Sizzler

BODYJAM™ 58 brings you the hottest dance class in the world - The Future Funk of Paris. You'll feel it drop straight from the first beat, so roll up one leg, prepare for 'awesomeness' and get ready to jam in Paris!

First up is Breakin' to the classic 80s' anthem It's Tricky, remixed super-dope styles. Then get your Shuffle on to the anthem of 2011, Party Rock, and pull out your baddest Running Man to the best Pop music in the world.

Track 5 sees all you Beautiful People come out and Double Bounce to the most mental, stylish and beautiful dance sequence - Future Funk. You'll start by dropping with a Double Bounce from left to right on every off-beat, then Sweeping and Housin' front to back and from side to side - totally your style.

By now you'll do Anything for a recovery and that's what you get in Track 7, so lap it up while it lasts because 'Turbulence in Paris' is coming; start it up with the Pop star of Pop stars, then when Turbulence hits, you'll kick it up a notch or two or maybe ten! You’ll mix smooth moves with sharp, connecting with the music and, most importantly, letting it move through you.

There's three advanced options for this release so, when you're up for it, give them a go. This is your class: take it, love it, dance it, own it! And now you’ll be jammin' in Future Funk heaven.