BODYPUMP 51 Sizzler

Class members will love this new release, thanks to some great sounds, white-hot moves and an instructor support package that gives teachers more of what they need to deliver a life-changing experience. Instructor resources this time include the first instalment of a powerful generic education program called Growing from Instructor to Coach, together with an indepth session focused on a key BODYPUMP move - the squat.

BODYPUMP 51 climbs a steep satisfaction curve as Mike McSweeney steers it through a great warm-up and first leg track before arriving at a sizzling chest track worked around Danzel's aptly titled Pump It Up!

The back track gets the heart rate rising and the muscles glowing, with a punishing tricep track to follow. The bicep workout is even more of a challenge but helped along hugely by the thumping beat of Walk This Way.

Rear-stepping lunges add more variety to the class, with great shoulder, arms and core work leading into a well-earned cooldown and stretches. A great conclusion to a job well done!