BODYPUMP 52 Sizzler

Take a few minutes to prepare yourself for this class because once it starts there's no letting up. It's BODYPUMP at its best - a cleverly structured, full-body workout powered to great intensity by uplifting music and a fired-up instructor.

It's all good from the opening tracks, where the upbeat sounds of Pray and Overload set a serious pace and technique adjustments promote even greater energy output in the leg work.

Then BODYPUMP 52 really takes off. Your energy levels will soar to match the screaming falsetto of The Phantom of the Opera in the chest track and stay strong and powerful in an outstanding back track worked around the uplifting Land of the Living.

The highlights just keep on coming in this great new class until the curtain finally falls to the beautiful operatic sounds of Emma Shapplin's Vedi Maria in the cooldown.

Instructors and participants will love the new release for the simplicity, honesty and variety in the workout - and for an awesome playlist that some will rank as our best ever. BODYPUMP 52 is a classic!