BODYPUMP 54 Sizzler

Different. Better. Yet still the same. The latest class brings a fresh new feel to the proven Les Mills formula for getting bodies into shape in record time.

Great new sounds inspire great commitment to the workout, with new choreography issuing challenges - and rewards - for participants at every level of fitness.

Program Director Mike McSweeney gets the new class off to a cracking start with a fast-paced warm-up. Safri Duo's bongo drums impart a real sense of urgency to the opening track.

Then it's time for the thighs to feel the burn as participants work with the familiar rhythmn of Run To You to take the squats deeper and wider.

Slinkee Minx empowers some hard-out chest work with Summer Rain - there's no escape from the bottom half moves. An awesome back track follows, fuelling strength in the rows and lifts and huge power in the two clean and press phases.

Triceps are also in line for a challenge, helped along by the uplifting sounds of Gwen Stefani's What you Waiting For? The clock's "tick tock" is a reminder that time is running out to get busy.

Christina Auilera's powerful vocals help everyone nail the bicep track with her hit song Car Wash from the Shark Tale movie. Next up are lunges, with some great shoulder work to follow - watch out for the double dose of pushups and an awesome overhead section at the end.

Fatboy Slim brings slows down the tempo for the core work with Steve Miller's cruisy classic The Joker and Mike winds up the class with Sting's super-cool A Thousand Years.