BODYPUMP 55 Sizzler

Kia ora everyone!

Back To Basics is the name of the warm-up track and it's the theme for the whole class - the new release is all about authenticity, embracing the athleticism of the programme and working hard to get results.

We've got some great music for the new class but it's not overpowering. I want to keep the focus on the workout in terms of technique, keeping transition times to a minimum and feeling the full physicality of the programme.

Instructors need to cue the back-to-basics message in the warm-up - it's a cruisey sound for openers. Then it's time to hit the quads and set up a great work ethic for the rest of the class.

Sweetest Poison is a great song out of Germany for the chest track. Get it right, then get busy with the singles as you work through towards the push-ups at the end.

Then make sure your class members "go for gold" in the back track. E Type's Olympia is all power and drama and a really motivating sound.

Dips are back in the house for triceps, with the powerful Galvanize from The Chemical Brothers to follow for the biceps. Stay in sync with the music and go slow for fast results.

The new lunge track is another peak that really gets the heart pumping after the isolation work in the arms. Stay in control and hunt for a little more depth.

Then hit the shoulders with lots of plate work this time. It's achievable - but only just!

Optional plate work continues for the abdominals and we've rounded out the class with an awesome cool-down from Krypteria.

Enjoy the workout.

Kia kaha!


PS Special thanks this time to my two trainer/instructor focus groups in Sydney and Auckland. You guys give me great direction in putting each new class together.