BODYPUMP 56 Sizzler

Kia ora!

Time to revisit the essence of this great programme - through the music, the moves and the challenge and rewards of a real weights workout experience.

Instructors will feel it from the "get go". We're putting the muscles under a bigger load for longer through the working tracks and putting a real bite into bottom half squats and tricep kickbacks. Check out the science around these in the technique notes and take a close look at the coaching tips.

Participants will also come face-to-face with the real essence of BODYPUMP in the release that brings up the programme's 14th year. Getting to the end of this one is an achievement in itself!

It's all good from the warm-up, where Joana Zimmer's cruisey I Believe gets you mentally prepared and hungry for the workout.

Then rip into the leg work with Rogue Traders' Voodoo Child. This track's a huge calorie burner and a great foundation for the rest of the class.

Get ready, get set, get active is the call for the chest track. You need to open your heart to nail this one, so take all the help you can get from the familiar sounds of Fine Young Cannibals' She Drives Me Crazy.

Annie Lennox sweetens up the music in the back track before we hit the deck for triceps and a big focus on kickbacks with a cool tune from Benny Benassi.

Grit your teeth and go for gold with the biceps. Just another eight more reps to go! And enjoy a Wonderful Life with Tina Cousins in the lunges.

Shoulders are all about platework this time - you'll need to dig deep and maybe get a bit angry for those side raises and overhead presses.

Hit the abdominals with Blue Lagoon and cool down with Robbie. And don't forget the bonus track this time round. Spirit In The Sky is a Biceps Christmas cracker.