BODYPUMP 59 Sizzler

This class targets the workout with accuracy, strength and power. Our mission is to establish a solid foundation is good technique, then hit the muscles dead centre with resistance to build awesome shape and tone.

Providing that safe, stable foundation in the core is the focus of in depth education session accompanying the new release.

Choreography also helps achieve the desired result - the new class has a slower feel to some of the tracks to emphasise core stability and engaging the target muscles.

Meanwhile, we have a great blend of familar and new sounds to spice up the workout and keep members coming back for more.

As always the class warms up with a preview of the moves to come, this time with cool sounds of I Surrender from Nikki French. It is important to focus on technique and the new higher target zone for the wide dead row.

Sweat and burn with Simply Irresistible from Robert Palmer. Load up the weights for irresistible legs.

The lie back and pump the chest with a great '90s' sound from Techtronic.

Power and strength are in big demand for the new look back track - keep the elbows high and wide for a good result in the rows.

Then use the rhythm and beat of A to the B to nail the new combinations in the triceps.

A thumping piece of music is just what we need for the biceps - and thats what we get with Time to Move. Lunges, too, get helped along with the awesome Like the Sun from Trinity.

Overhead presses are back in the house for the shoulder track and BODYPUMP travels to Sweet Home Al for a final focus on the core.

This is a challenging class but well worth the effort.