BODYPUMP 60 Sizzler

Invincible is the opening track for our 60th release and a fitting statement about the durability of the world's favourite exercise program.

BODYPUMP continues to prove its immunity from fitness fads and fashions. The new release has all the program's trademark strength and power and more of the innovations that ocntinue to surprise and delight participants in more than 60 countries.

Musically, the new class is all you'd expect from a hard-out celebration of 15 years of "pumping". After our heart-starting warmup, the party rocks into gear with an amazing squat track to the bring-back sound of What's Up from Aussie band Zander. The sing-along set go crazy here, as everyone locks and loads for an awesome workout to come. Bon Jovi's Have a Nice Day takes us into hard-rock territory for the chest track and E-Type helps drive the barbells skywards with the hugely uplifting Africa in the back track clean and presses. A wicked set of dips nail the triceps to the latest hot sound from Pink, while the steady, pulsating Flaunt it from TV Rock is perfect for smashing the front of the arms (slot in the incredible Cherry Pie here if you like our biceps bonus option). The focus shifts back to the legs for some new-look lunges with Angel from b*p*m; then to the shoulders and the familiar, energizing sound of One Night in Bangkok. Next cue Shakira and the innovative side plank in the abdominals. Amici's So Far Away is a beautiful cooldown song about New Zealand and a proud reminder of the origins of BODYPUMP in a little country at the bottom of the world.