BODYPUMP 61 Sizzler

BODYPUMP 60 was special but the team goes one better with a new release that's strong on coaching, exercise innovations and contrast in the music. A single word defines the essence of every track in a DVD innovation that will assist teacher cueing.

'Engage' is the keyword for a warmup with a light feel that puts a smile on the dial and has the Pumpers looking for work in the tracks to follow. It comes soon enough - in a Legs/Squats workout where we 'commit' to the moves and make great use of the dramatic tempo changes in Walk On Water from Milk Inc.

'Challenge' and 'power' define the Chest and Back Tracks, respectively. Pink's I'm Not Dead is languid, smoky tune, and Miracle, from Cascada, a great Rock song that will help you handle some extra weight in the Lifts, Rows and Presses.

Triceps are all about 'shaping' to the sound of Justin's SexyBack - the song is slow and intense and Kickbacks are the perfect move to match.

Then it's time to 'rock' with a big bicep blast from Audioslave and rip into some awesome Lunges with a stready, funky tune from BeatFreakz. 'Strong' defines both the music and the work.

The new Shoulders Track is all about 'energy' and the emphasis switches to the 'core' in a well-balanced abdominals workout with Beyonce's Deja vu.

'Focus' is the keyword for a well-earned stretch performed to Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars.