BODYPUMP 62 Sizzler

New variations in the moves and huge diversity in the music make for a standout class that members will not want to miss. Instructors, too, will love to teach this complete package of work and fun.

Jackie Rawe's I Believe in Dreams is a happy, inspirational song to connect you to the workout and whet your appetite for what's to come - you just know from the get-go that this one's gonna be huge!

Then we hit the legs with four working sets and the big sing-along sound of Nick Skitz and Run to Paradise. Watch out for the sting in the tail with a swarm of bottom halves.

Bob Sinclair's funky Rock This Party brings a change of tone for the chest work; then the innovations kick in with a deadlift-focused back track with three working phrases and two 'bar down' recoveries.

The pullover move makes a welcome return in a great tricep track to the quirky sound of Gwen Stefani's Wind It Up and the mood changes again as we go "dark and gothic" with Evanescence in the biceps.

A backward-stepping lunge off the bench is another effective innovation in BODYPUMP 62, with a modified Arnold Press adding spice and intensity in the shoulder work.

Then the new class winds up with a couple of megahits in the shape of Justin's My Love in the abdominals track (the new leg extension work with crunches is really intense) and Hinder's Lips of an Angel in the cooldown.

Great work, Glen and the team! This is BODYPUMP at its best.