BODYPUMP 63 Sizzler

This is the total 10-track package! BODYPUMP 63 is full of challenge for effective strengthening and shaping and great motivation in the music. The new class comes with functional exercise innovations in the lunge and abdominals work and a new weight-change option called the 'Drop Set' in the chest track. Alternating strength, power and recovery phases deliver great training results, with constant contrasts in tempo and range of motion adding to the workout diversity.

A feel-good warm up sets the tone for the new release, followed by an uplifting squat track you'll want to do again and again. The chest track is driven by Famous Last Words from My Chemical Romance - it's shorter than normal but watch for the two killer sets of bottom half presses.

Triceps are a real feature of the class, with the focus on effective, slow pullovers and sultry, sensual sounds from Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy. Check out the mid-range partial curls in the biceps. These work the muscles at the maximum loading point to create a massive burn.

Holding a single plate in the lunges is an innovation that challenges the frontal plane stabilizer muscles. It comes with the BIG remix sound ofLove Sensation '06. Then it's time to smash those shoulders with Freestyler's rocky Fast Life.

Pumpers will love the all-new prone bar roll option in the abs track. It's an advanced option for the hover and a great shoulder girdle strengthener.

BODYPUMP 63 is a great musical journey and a workout that delivers the goods.

The BODYPUMP education includes a session aimed at pregnant mothers doing BODYPUMP, linked to production of a new BODYPUMP pregnancy brochure. It also guides instructors through innovations in BODYPUMP 63 with particular emphasis on how weight selection needs to be accurately coached.