BODYPUMP 64 Sizzler

BODYPUMP 64 has a great mix of old school weight moves with new school innovations. This gives the release a real athletic feel with some clever functional training.

Innovation is key in Track 7 with the new Forward and Back Stepping Lunge. This brings the same benefits as traditional lunges but also challenges the body functionally by engaging the core to provide great stability and coordination training.

The Pyramid set is the innovation in the bicep track. At the break, with 30 seconds to go, you add weight for a bicep blaster to really load the muscle!

The chorus combination of 2/2 and 2 singles in the squat, chest and shoulder tracks really work the muscles because of the mix in tempos - your muscles don't have a chance to adapt to a consistent tempo and you feel the burn!

Watch out for the six clean and press combinations in the back track! The tricep track is also a killer starting with Tricep Dips, moving to the Seated Overhead Press and finishing with Extensions and Presses.

Old school moves will really rock the shoulders to the foundation. This track begins with Upright Rows and Overhead Press combination. After the break, Side Raises and Plates Presses finish off the shoulder.

Look forward to the Prone Bar Roll in the abs track. This move made its debut in BODYPUMP 63 and features again in the release.

Musically, in keeping with the theme, there is a great mix of old school hits with new releases. Sing along to the classic More Than A Feeling and INXS' Hungry. Rock out to Good Charlotte's Keep Your Hands Off My Girl and enjoy Christina Aguilera's Hurt in the warm down.