BODYPUMP 65 Sizzler

BODYPUMP 65 is all about challenging strength endurance. Right from the word go Track 2, Just Like Paradise, is BIG. It has a driving beat that automatically hooks the class into BIG work mode. The hard work starts with a unique training effect in the Squats Track when the legs are hit by a reverse sequence of work.

Don't expect any breaks in the Chest Track but do look forward to lots of Bottom Halves! The slower-tempo choreography keeps the muscles engaged and moving under load with no time to rest. And there are no breaks in the Biceps Track either, so the intensity is maintained from start to finish.

The Forward & Backward-Stepping Lunge is back after making its debut in BODYPUMP 64, targeting the legs, glutes and hamstrings. The Seated Overhead Extension is also back in the Triceps Track, accompanied by funky tunes from Groove Armada. DJ Aligator and the Mac Raise both make a welcome return in the super intense Shoulders Track which is all about strong, controlled work.

There's loads of energizing music to help with the workout. Kanye West's Stronger provides the inspiration needed to endure the new Moving Hover and Side Plank in the Abdominals Track. Airbourne's Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast is massive and Breakaway will fill the room with intense energy.