BODYPUMP 67 Sizzler

BODYPUMP 67 is another strong and challenging release.

This quarter the focus is on communicating the workout factor participants will get from each track. Instructors do this by coaching the specific weight selection, training objective and exercises used. Check out the new take on some old-school bicep training and a new Plank Crunch to challenge the core stabilizers. And watch for the chance to increase your weight selection in several of the tracks so you can get stronger, faster. The music is a classic BODYPUMP mix that features Heavy Rock from Finger Eleven in the Chest Track, with E-Type's Eurofighter next up. P!nk is in the house with one of her biggest hits for the Triceps Track, followed by a wild and cheeky Bon Jovi number for the biceps work. So, cruise into the workout in the Warmup and get the feel of the steel with a mix of Deadrows, Wide Rows and Deadrows With Underhand Grip. Then challenge your legs using a high number of Bottom Half Squats while keeping perfect form. The strong beats of Jan Wayne?s Piece Of My Heart will lift the commitment level of the workout. Enjoy the 'X-factor' in a wicked Shoulder Track and the Plank Crunch that rounds out the workout in the Abdominals Track.

BODYPUMP 67 is an awesome class that'll leave you feeling physically exhausted but emotionally empowered!