BODYPUMP 72 Sizzler

BODYPUMP™ 72 is all about making you stronger, faster. How? By focusing on Bottom Halves and Partial Range movements, the rest phase is eliminated and the muscles are kept under tension for longer. Look forward to a challenging workout and an overall strength blast where active recovery is your only break!

Brace your abs and prepare for more Bottom Halves than you bargained for in the Squats Track. Kelly Clarkson will motivate you to keep going with her huge hit I Do Not Hook Up.

New Zealand's own Dane Rumble sings Track 3 Always Be Here. Bottom Halves and Slow Bottom Halves will put your chest muscles under tension for a little bit longer than usual. Ouch! The good news is this will give you results faster. The Triceps Track is sweet like Sugar! Again, Bottom Halves are the name of the game. Look out for the Press/Pull-over Combo that will keep your muscles under constant tension.

Challenge yourself and go a bit heavier than normal in the rocky and upbeat Biceps Track. The Bicep Row returns, attacking your guns from a different direction.

It's back to the legs in the intense Track 7. The Lunges stick with the theme of the release you guessed it lots of Bottom Halves that will push up your heart and burn calories. Use the Squats as an active recovery, and then get back into it again!

The Shoulders Track is a tribute to the legend that is Michael Jackson. The range of motion in the Singles has been shortened to ¾ Range, again to put your muscles under constant pressure. Grit your teeth and hang on!

Ciara and Justin Timberlake will take you through the Abdominals Track with Love Sex Magic. The mix of deep, lower abdominals work and the Walking Hover will chisel away at your six-pack and at the same time strengthen your core.