BODYPUMP 74 Sizzler

Get ready for what may be our fiercest release yet. Right from Track Two, the hammer goes down and the intensity does not back off. Watch out for exciting new tempos and some killer supersets. Quick transitions and the shortest recoveries in the history of BODYPUMP™ mean your muscles are working from start to finish.

The massive energy and drive of This Is Who I Am sets the pace upfront. The new tempo challenges the legs, driving the heart rate up. We Weren't Born To Follow and we prove it in Track Three as the classic Rock sound grounds the workout into the bench, bringing great muscle isolation to the chest.

Track Six delivers a Boom Boom Pow to the biceps. This was a massive hit for the Black Eyed Peas originally - this one breaks the mold and you're gonna love it! We're getting Dangerous in Track Seven with some Static Lunges followed straight up by some Dynamic Backward-Stepping Lunges for explosive glute training.

Track Nine brings the introduction of an exciting new move. The cool R&B Pop sound of this cruisy number creates massive contrast from the Shoulders Track. Use a conversational voice to coach and connect. Then, just in case you thought it was time to relax, there are Walking Hovers to challenge even the strongest abdominals.