BODYPUMP 79 Sizzler

If you're after a simple, effective and athletic workout, BODYPUMP™ 79 is the one for you.

It's a challenging release that'll test you to the limits, so it's important to recognize what those limits are, especially if you're new. Make sure your weight selection isn't too heavy, form and technique are strong, and that you take any options you need to get to the end.

Your Warmup will help you prepare mentally and physically for the test ahead, starting with a Squat routine that will take you Closer To The Edge of your fitness. A new combination - 4 Singles, followed by 4 Bottom Halves - will pound your legs to virtual submission.

In Track 3, remember to allow your shoulder blades to squeeze together as you lower the bar to get the most out of your Chest workout.

The Back track introduces an innovative Mid-bar Grip - half a hand-width wider than in SET position - that changes the way the muscles fire. Don't forget to bend your knees through the tough Power Press/Triple Row Combo and we're bringing back 7 Rows to really nail the back.

"You bring your best, we'll bring ours."

Be prepared to have the kitchen sink thrown at your triceps - Tricep Extensions, Tricep Presses, Seated Dips and Overhead Extensions will take you to the point of fatigue. You weren't Born This Way, but you are on the right track, baby!

After a hardcore Biceps track, set to an American classic, Lunges set off a Grenade in your legs. Then it's on to shoulders, where an old favorite awaits you - that's right, the Rotator Pec Dec from BODYPUMP™ 75!

Even the Abs track has something new - a Reverse Weight Grip that opens up the chest and makes Crunches just a little trickier. Let's call it one last twist of the knife.

But don't worry - if we've made it this far, We'll Be Alright.