BODYSTEP 53 Sizzler

BODYSTEP 53 is an addictive, butt-blasting mix of music and moves.

New moves add variety and interest throughout the class, but with the emphasis always on simplicity and assuring steppers of instant success.

Our latest class takes off like a rocket to the uplifting sound of Everybody's Free, with participants using their steps to set their own level of jet propulsion. Scooter's Nessaja sets a blistering pace for the midclass endurance track, with steppers pushing the envelope to explore their energy limits. Swaggers and shuffles come into play with Instant Replay; then it's back to basics for a speed track executed to the upbeat Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Steppers dig deep for the aptly-named Woomph! before easing into a J-Lo recovery session based around tricep pushups and a brand-new elbow crawl.