BODYSTEP 54 Sizzler

Our Les Mills choreographers have put their best foot forward for this BODYSTEP classic. The action is whitehot, with butts and thighs as usual the first to feel the heat. The new release offers heaps of contrast in the music and moves, together with the athletic challenge that class members demand.

BODYSTEP veterans will appreciate the smooth progression through the different styles, while the novice will be amazed at how much fun you can have on a step.

The new class kicks off with a rocking Lulu warm-up, aptly titled Better Get Ready. After that it's action all the way as the class moves to an initial athletic peak to the sound of Elle Patrice's Rising. Choreographers Mark Nu'u, Lisa Osborne and Ruth Teina have again grounded their class in the BODYSTEP fundamentals of simplicity and power. Members get the fat-burning cardio blast they have come to expect.

BODYSTEP 54 offers new flavour and variety thanks to an inspired selection of music and moves.