BODYSTEP 57 Sizzler

This class is a great place to be. It's a 12-track stepping celebration that leaves class members feeling on top of the world.

Our choreography team of Mark Nu'u and Lisa Osborne have packed the class with great new moves and a playlist to blow the roof off.

Instructors are also in for a treat. Training education resources include a 'Position and Placement' session teaching the correct positioning of feet and body.

The highlights in BODYSTEP 57 come in quick succession as the new class moves from a singalong warmup into Love Revolution and the hi-octane You Make Me Feel. Then Mel C. kicks in with Yeh Yeh Yeh to energise the heart rate and take you to the centre of your cardio training zone.

Power into the new dynamic lunge in Track 7 and the Charlie Brown move in the party track. And watch out for the great new Speed Tap move at the Track 10 peak. These and other new moves add novelty and spice to a class that members will rate as one of our best.