BODYSTEP 61 Sizzler

Hi Steppers!

Welcome to the new release - this class has a real "showtime" feel about it, while still providing a full measure of workout energy. In fact, stronger armlines offer not only increased intensity but will also assist with the momentum of stepping on and off the bench.

The new class is all about extending your range of motion and getting full value from the simple moves and uplifting music.

The novelty kicks in at the start, with a hint of rumba providing a fun performance opportunity in the warm-up - Nadia's A Little Bit Of Action is great for connecting with the workout.

Then the real show starts. We start stepping with a great Usher track and bring in a fun "Fan Hands" feature that members will love.

The next track is all about extending the lever length to gradually increase the heart rate; then we refresh the cardio focus at Track 4 with the new Knee Repeater Combo.

Steppers get funky with some old-school MC Hammer sounds before "going for gold" with Danger Crew in the Power Peak - don't forget to ground the foot for more control as you come off the step.

The flavour goes tribal with Justin and moves into pop with the great singalong sounds of 9 To 5. Then feel the Heatwave on the speed step and have fun with the all-new Speed Straddle.

The last peak is a gutsy, top-of-the-pops energy blast for Britney fans, with a couple of great top-20 songs to take us through the conditioning and stretch tracks.