BODYSTEP 63 Sizzler

Get ready to FLY! From New Zealand to the USA and on to Rio. This new class is packed with great singalongs and an upbeat feel to power up your ultimate step workout.

Our musical journey also has a more masculine feel to it this time, adding even more grunt to the motivational effect.

Get It On! is the title and the message of our opening track as steppers connect with the workout and get the muscles in the mood. Then it's time to step in style with the smash hit Pon de Replay - while staying focused on great technique.

Keeping control for the jumps and landings is a key focus in the step athletic track - this is where the heart rate shifts into high gear by using control and full range of movement.

Our cheerleading theme kicks in big-time with Hollerback Girl and goes to the next level with Born In the USA in the power peak.

The killer leg burn in the step recovery track will have you screaming for more, and then let loose and have fun with the new switch curl combo in the party step.

Boys Are Back in Town is a strong, uplifting number for the final peak so fuel up your Harley Davidson and drag race it to the finish line with the gang.

Steppers will love the stability in a new airplane pointer move in the conditioning track and stretching out with Nelly in the cool-down.